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In our cigarette store smokers have the opportunity to buy their favorite cigarettes and get through the Internet with very low price. Prices of our cigaretes not include taxes. We guarantee the best quality of cigarettes. If we talk about the criteria for the selection of cigarette brands, here every smoker has their preferences – someone like American cigarettes, and someone prefers cigarettes from Europe. By the way, the English cigarettes from its European analogues differ quite substantially, because the production of European cigarettes they injected some supplements. All this is done to, choosing, for example, English cigarettes, you could count on a certain strength and taste as well as distinguish cigarettes from Europe not only put on a barcode. Of course, silly to compare the dignity or highlight inadequacies of different European cigarettes. It cannot be argued, for example, that the cigarettes from Switzerland are the best among European cigarettes. After all, someone like Swiss cigarettes, someone will gladly takes on tobacco products produced in other European countries, and someone like cigarettes. But one thing we can say for sure is the price on cigarettes from Switzerland or on English cigarettes, will be higher than their domestic counterparts.

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Cigarettes do not cease to be popular among the residents of most countries in the world. In our cigarette store you will be able to buy cheap cigarettes, your attention will be provided to all known producers of tobacco and market their products. Cigarette smoking is an addiction for many people, and this despite the fact that is clearly harmful habit. Regardless of the age and sex of people buying discount cigarettes, seeking to buy cigarettes duty free or cheap tobacco products from Europe. And while on the market today is represented by very many types and brands of cheap cigarettes, with minor differences, they are all the same – and on the composition and taste. All cigarettes are made from the same ingredients: filter materials, tobacco, tissue paper, aromatic additives and resins. The only difference between them is the place of manufacture. In Europe cheap cigarettes available (as well as duty free cigarettes), because their production cost lower costs than, say, on the same cigarettes manufactured in the United States. That is why the Europeans are able to smoke cheap Winston, Camel or Marlboro.

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With the advent of online retailers of tobacco products, you can be sure that buying cheap cigarettes or discount cigarettes, as well as purchasing cigarettes from the duty-free shop, you get poor quality or smuggled product. Speaking of 'cheap' cigarettes in online store, we talk about what their price lower than similar retail trade networks, it is almost at the level of the one on which you can buy duty-free cigarettes. Another indisputable advantage of shopping online is convenience – you can order cigarettes directly from home or office, make a payment, and it will take you to the specified location. This price will be the same as if you bought duty-free cigarettes. Why is the Internet store such cheap cigarettes? Cigarette prices in our online shop are much lower than in the supermarket, because we sell cigarettes costs duty-free shop, i.e. you don't overpay taxes. Shops Tax Free and Duty Free and tax exempt, so in our Internet shop are the low cigarette prices.

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What is menthol cigarettes? Than menthol cigarettes differ from regular cigarettes? Where to buy menthol cigarettes? These questions have probably asked yourself at least once each smokers. The fashion for menthol cigarettes appeared not so long ago. However, many smokers immediately began to buy menthol cigarettes. Treated as if they have a milder taste, cooling, they are less hazardous to health. Menthol cigarettes are often preferred by young girls, women who smoke menthol cigarettes in the fight for the so-called style. Or in the struggle for 'beauty', as it is believed that smoking helps fight redundant kilograms are not sitting down to diet. Menthol cigarettes are smoking at work in offices, people for whom smoking cigarettes with menthol – the same card as the appearance, and other attributes. They think that smoking menthol cigarettes, they cause less harm to your body. In our online shop you can buy cheap menthol cigarettes from popular brands: Pall Mall, Rothmans, Vogue, Kool, Winston, Dunhill, Lucky Strike cigarettes, Nat Sherman, Davidoff, More etc.

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