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Cigarettes Fortuna

Fortuna Red

Cigarettes Fortuna Red what difference can be at premium cigarette tobacco illustrates the full-flavored brands. Fortuna Red cigarettesa is only a small portion of the cost of major brands in the great tobacco in. In parts of Europe already well known cigarettes, Fortuna to red, is a breath of fresh air in the world market.

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Fortuna Blue

Light smooth taste that beats the taste mean to enjoy a Fortuna Blue cigarette. Only 0.6 Mg nicotine these brings grip buzz was lost on many other minor brands such as light cigarettes. Made in blue an exquisite tobacco blend is Fortuna major brand in Europe to appeal to the most selective smokers from Fortuna Blue cigarettes.

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Fortuna Menthol

Are tasty hints of Fortuna menthol blonde tobacco and Fortuna Menthol cigarette made with premium-style cigarettes, Fortuna market one of the leading menthol cigarette while there. They definitely refreshed, satisfied, leaving a smooth menthol coolness, there's distinctive taste.

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