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Cigarettes Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Red

Cigarettes Lucky Strike Reds are the highest class of American tobacco products, which is the most popular in the world. Known unique cigarettes Lucky Strike Reds taste and outstanding flavor. Cigarettes Lucky Strike Reds are the American standard of true cigarettes. Cigarettes Lucky Strike Reds offered in our duty-free shop.

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Lucky Strike Silver

Cigarettes Lucky Strike Silver became the standard for American cigarettes because tobacco blend toasting but not drying. This process helped cigarettes Lucky Strike Silver position itself as a brand with a respected unusual taste. Selection of tobacco help cigarettes Lucky Strike Silver become popular all over the world.

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Lucky Strike Blue

Cigarettes Lucky Strike Blue is truly unique. Made Sun are dry toast without tobacco leaves, this unique formula is bitter and tough is not rich and thick cigarettes taste creates the tobacco. Is the length of 85 mm, cigarettes Lucky Strike Blue includes 0.6 mg nicotine strength.

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