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Cigarettes Pall Mall

Pall Mall Red

Cigarettes Pall Mall Red can boast of fragrant smoke and beautiful packaging design. Cigarettes Pall Mall Red have simple taste and high quality tobacco. Pall Mall cigarettes logo is reminiscent of the old days, when the reputation of really meant a lot. Fragrant and pure smoke cigarettes Pall Mall Red like all smokers.

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Pall Mall Blue Lights

Cigarettes Pall Mall Blue Lights are soft and light flavor that really makes clear what is the taste of the perfect smoking cigarettes. The exceptional taste of cigarettes Pall Mall Blue Lights is the perfect way to satisfy your desire to smoke. Cigarettes Pall Mall Blue Lights clear mind and excite the taste buds.

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Pall Mall Blue Lights 100's

Cigarettes Pall Mall Blue 100's premium quality is smooth yet known Tang light cigarettes. So, hope you get a great smoking experience tobacco is packed very tightly minimum and other products. Interfere with a great smoke with you does not get anything. Pall Mall Blue 100's, just another example of excellence Pall Mall cigarettes.

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Pall Mall menthol cigarettes

Pall Mall menthol cigarettes that cool for menthol flavor different from tobacco and other. Awards exclusive, high-quality tobacco smokers, these differences because they will cherish a unique individual taste with mint freshness. When you find the right smoke cigarette smokers they know it.

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